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How it started...

A few years ago, I came back from my trip and arrived at Narita airport. My plan was to take a limited express train of Keisei Line to Ueno station, and then travel home by JR Line. The Keisei line station is on the underground floor. There is a ticket machine near the entrance gate of Keisei Line. Only the basic fare is required for the limited express, except for Skyliner, which requires additional fare. I bought a base fare ticket, because I didn't need to save 30 minutes by Skyliner. After I bought my ticket, I noticed that an Asian guy was in trouble trying to buy his ticket. So I helped him out, he was smiling and I was about to leave the ticket machine, but...there was a queue of people behind us, hoping to know how to buy their tickets from the complicated machine.

I was on the platform, and Keisei limited express train arrived. So I almost went aboard, when I noticed that a guy with a big suitcase was still standing on the platform. I asked him why. He said, "I will not take a limited express train because additional fee will be required, right?" I said, "Nooo, you can take this limited express train only with base fare!"

Tokyo has a very complicated public transport system. I hope you'll find some clue or tips here on getting around with trains and subways in Tokyo.
I have just started writing this site and it is still very incomplete, but I'll try to fix it from time to time...


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