Asakusa Town

Asakusa is an old town with some classical flavor. Asakusa is one of good choices for a town to stay in Tokyo. It has a laid back and lively old quarter atmosphere, right in the central part of Tokyo. And it has easy access to most tourist spots in Tokyho.


To See

Hotspring in Asakusa!

'Jakotsu-yu' has been around since Edo era.
Address: 1-11-11 Asakusa, Taitao-ku, Tokyo
Brin your own hand-towel and shampoo. Closed every Tuesday. Price: 460 yen.
Official site (in Japanese): Jakotsuyu

Boat to Odaiba

Hop on a water bus to Odaiba and enjoy the great view! The boat from Asakusa goes down the Sumida River, and then continues to Odaiba through the Tokyo Bay.

Where to Stay in Tokyo

You may be asking, "Where should I stay in Tokyo?" There are a few good options, but Asakusa town is probably the best for many people.
Asakusa is an 'old town' in Tokyo. Asakusa itself is in a central location and has especially good access to most tourist destinations with two metro lines, two train lines and a boat for Odaiba. Asakusa Metro station is served by two subway lines:

But most of all, I can recommend Asakusa for its overall 'atmosphere' which is very different from busy business areas or quiet residential areas. That is probably why Asakusa attracts so many tourists every year.
Asakusa has many hotels and hostels, many of which are best rated in Tokyo. You can also find some 'Ryokan' style hotels with old-fashioned 'tatami' floor.
And here are a few more things to note:

Probably there is more to tell you about Asakusa, but I'm running out of time for now...so, see yourself! ;)


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