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Survival Guide at Haneda Airport

  On 14 March 2020, Haneda Airport Terminals and facilities have been renamed.
  See Haneda Airport Terminals Renaming in 2020 for detais.

Haneda Airport Terminals

Haneda Airport has three terminals:
Terminal 1 is for domestic flights only. Terminal 2 serves domestic and international flights. Terminal 3 is for international flights only.
Terminals are connected by free shuttle bus service.
Free shuttle buses stop on the ground level in front of each terminal.
You can walk between Terminals 1 and Terminal 2 in several minutes
The Terminal 3 is far from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, so you need to take the free shuttle bus.

See:   Travel Between Terminals

Keikyu Line train stations

Keikyu Line has two stations at Haneda Airport: You can buy a PASMO (prepaid IC card) from a Keikyu Line ticket machine.

Tokyo Monorail stations

Tokyo Monorail Line has three stations at Haneda Airport: Unlike Keikyu Line, Monorail Line has a station at each of three terminals.

You can also buy a 'Monorail SUICA (prepaid IC card)' from a ticket machine at any Keikyu station at Haneda airport.
Monorail SUICA is 100% compatible with SUICA and PASMO, but you can get a deposit refund only at some Monorail stations for a fee.

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